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InI Reader

This is primarily a project to get familiar with CodePlex. But if someone needs the code, feel free to do with it whatever you want.

It's a small, simple and clean IniReader based on C#. Easy access, create, change and write IniFiles with a typesafe Interface.

First Beta Release: Download the current version here

This is a intuitive library for processing ini files complety written in C#. Begin on the Get Startet wiki page, to get a short overview how the library works and how it is used (I'm still working on the library and on the wiki, so the wiki will hopefully grow soon).

This Project contains also a small Editor especially for ini files. The editor's first task, was to verify the ini readers functionality, But i found myself using it regularly to check, view and edit my ini files. So this may will help some of you, who have the pleasure to work with ini files. Since the editor is opensource, it is also a good example of the library's usage.
  • Easy Acces
  • Merge Sections
  • Merge whole IniFiles
  • Write and Load InIFile from text files or directly from a stream.
  • Rename Key's and Sections
  • Typesafe Interface
  • Well documented

Future Features (planned but not implemented yet ;)):

  • Recognize comments in ini files.
  • Add, Read and change the comments
  • IniReader for older .Net Versions

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